Miesfeld’s Meats Prepares For Future Generation

FOR RELEASE: September 28th

SHEBOYGAN- Miesfeld’s is a third generation family business with no heirs, so it’s partnering with a Sheboygan family firm to preserve it’s legacy for future generations. The announcement was made by it’s president, Chuck Miesfeld Friday morning before his employees. 

Miesfeld says it’s a sure recipe for success. “We sought a long-term family friend with a knack for business, deep roots within the community and a son to take the reins,” said Miesfeld. “October 1, we’ll join hands with the Richard Sachse family and share the dream.” Sachse is also Vice President of Landmark Consultants, a highly successful Sheboygan business management firm.

“It’s no secret we’re growing fast,” Miesfeld told his employees. “So I need to be in front of our customers and at the forefront of new product development.” Sachse will lead and manage the more administrative side of the business, according to Miesfeld.  “Rich and I should compliment and complete one another very well.”

The nearly 80-year old family business has grown from a small butcher shop to what it is today with over 35 employees now serving thousands of customers across southeastern Wisconsin.  They make over 80 products, and are most known for their brats, bacon, ham, and sausage. 

“Chuck’s 2000 expansion and move to a new location was bold”, said Sachse.  “His more recent facility expansion is clear evidence of Miesfeld’s continued brand trajectory and also his courage.  He’s a leader.”  Sachse likes their philosophy for growth, as much as he likes their products, but he admits the real challenge will be protecting and preserving the family culture. “That’s job one for me as I manage the details.  It’s all about maintaining trust with all of our stakeholders.”

Miesfeld has no intention of leaving the family business anytime soon, but he’s laying the groundwork for the next generation. “Finding a solid partner to continue the legacy is my way of saying “Thank You”, said Chuck.  “Not just to my father and grandfather who started this business back in1941, but also out of respect for everyone in the Sheboygan community who helped get us here.”

The Sachse family has a strong track record for success within the Sheboygan community, according to Miesfeld. “I believe this partnership will be their next success story. Rich is a solid entrepreneur, he’s pumped and in for the long haul.”

Chuck and Rich have high hopes for their partnership. “Some guys dream of one day owning a major league sports team,” smiled Chuck. “Rich and I just have a dream to one day feed their fans with the best brat in the business.”

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